When it comes to college offers, Bartow offensive lineman Lamar Barrett is hoping less will equal more.

Last year, Barrett played at around 345 pounds and heading into the summer, he tipped the scales at 350.

By the time fall practice started, he was down to 295, which is a more attractive weight to college recruiters for an offensive lineman.

This fall, Barrett will line up as the left tackle for the Yellow Jackets, but his college future is more likely to be as a guard.

So far, Barrett said he’s received seven offers with his top three choices for now being Purdue, UCF and Troy.

The choice, he said, will come down to, “the relationship where I can feel at home and grow as a person.”

And that’s not to say that some other schools could enter the picture as the season goes on.

“We sat down and talked about (losing weight),” Bartow offensive line coach Jeff Brosius said. “I asked one of the college coaches who recruited one of our guys last year what he was looking for when he recruits offensive linemen. Then I sat down with Lamar and talked about it with that coach, and (the coach) said, ‘We want guys in the 300 to 310-pound range. We don’t want guys who are 350.'”

So, Barrett changed his diet. He ran three mornings a week. And he went to work in the weight room.

“We decided as a group, and me personally, I decided I need lose a few pounds.” Barrett said. “Well, I wouldn’t call 50 pounds a few pounds.”

Actually, it was 55 pounds.

“I definitely see (the difference) on the practice field, pass protection especially,” Barrett said. “I’m quicker on my feet.”

Brosius describes Barrett as “a mauler” in the running game, but said that even at 345 pounds last year, he showed the right balance in pass protection as well.

“Lamar brings a ton of power in the running game and shows a lot of balance in pass protection,” Brosius said. “For the size he was at last year at 350 pounds, he does a really good job of not getting off balance.”

His work in the weight room this summer has also made him stronger. Brosius said he’s at 400 pounds on the bench press and he hit a personal high of 675 pounds in the squat.

“He’s bringing a ton of strength and a ton of his nastiness to the position,” Brosius said.

So, what does Barrett get the most joy from on the field?

“Pancaking (an opponent), straight up, just like that,” he said.